Hi there!

Yet another Solo run, it’s so enjoyable when slow-teams are not around, which is anomaly these days unfortunately :/

Thank you for supporting and watching, I hope you enjoy!

—- MUSIC —-

0:12 – 2:42 Miza – Back Again (Original Mix) (
2:43 – 6:34 Alan Crown – Imperium (

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  1. You have anger issues lol.
    Passing on some great splits at 1:57 and the oversplit at 5:03

    Good footage though.

    EDIT: Just noticed if you hadn’t merge killed DANGER’s back piece at 4:14 you could have split and gotten that same piece and his big one.

  2. As a Chinese person, I thank you. 🙂 But seriously, teams are so annoying. I’m pretty good at eating them, but you’re at another level!


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