TWO AGAR.IO MOBILE SOLO REVENGE STORIES! DOUBLESPLITS, PRESPLITS, TEAMDESTROYING AND MASS PILE Details of the new clan: Name: Ruv Clan Tag: ⦗𖦪𖦃⎷⦘ OR ♞꫞♞ᜑ Rules: Lvl 40 or above to join; this is mainly for players who lost their accounts.

Always use on of the tags.
DNS: 192:168:1:254.
Always feed clan members, and be nice to others.
You don’t need skype to join.
Members: Reaper, Leader. Particle, Co-Leader. (this will get updated as people join). Spots left, Co-Leader #2, and members #,3,4,5,6,7. Ask us to join (obviosly).

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    You don’t HAVE to be above Lvl40 to join
    If you know and can do all tricks, splitrun pretty fast, have a good high score (solo or team), you’re in. It’s just that players above lvl40 have a better chance

    Never has a video that I uploaded get so many view, likes, subs and comments! Thank you for your support!


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