The Pillars Build Challenge, 7/1/7/1/7/1/7/1, the 6th universal build challenge (unspecified for any tank) I have done in This surprisingly didn’t take as long or as many attempts as some of the previous ones, such as the Trench and the Pyramid Build Challenges that I did in the past.

If there were 9 upgrades, the Pillars would look a lot better. Also, the reason why I didn’t do 1/7/1/7/1/7/1/7 was because of the 7 Movement Speed, which I can apply to everything and escape from danger a lot better, compared to just 1 movement speed that makes you vulnerable to everything.

Triplet and Sprayer are featured in this video. I always try and use different tanks for each challenge so that it’s not always the same or the best tanks used for each challenge.

Music from Epidemic Sound (


  1. How can you adjust to any build? You somehow managed to achieve a turnaround and get a score higher than my best score with the *flank guard* and now you’re doing all kinds of crazy things that are literally impossible.

  2. Would love you to do a video, or series of videos, on how to counter some tanks. Like how to counter Ramming Annihilators/Spikes/Boosters (i.e. with Bullet Fighter etc.), and how to counter Overlords (i.e. with Pentashot), and so on.

  3. I guess noobs are blind huh (continue on don’t judge yet) there’s a big box with the word TEAM DM 2 and TEAM DM 4 right infront of their blind mole eyes, I can donate dictionaries with the meaning of the LOOK highlighted for them, if not enough I’ll send them to howard university’s english department with 100% entrance just to make them understand what READ means

  4. Corrupt you are very good, but I think you should stop with these challenenges, I mean I don’t have a problem but you should try some high scores. #no hate


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