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Play Game in Fish Style. Brand New iO games Eat
all the big fish in the ocean.

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*** – It’s Fishy but It’s Tasty! Download the NEW Multiplayer Game for Free Now! ***

What the Fish! That might be your first reaction when you start playing ‘’ – An action packed underwater live multiplayer game. Pick a fish from a menu of 15 fishes that matches your taste (Slurpp!) and eat others to grow bigger in this free addictive game. But watch out! In this fish game, the bigger you are, the slower you will be. So, use your best strategy and protect yourself by “Pooping” or “Splitting” to escape the carnage of other bigger fishes!

In this multiplayer fish game, control your fish either by tapping on the target location or just use the on-screen joystick to make your fish swim wherever you want. Instead of eating shapeless cells in agar or modified cells with skins in agarabi, eat sea weeds and other smaller fishes while you take your journey between enormously spread area of coral reefs and sunken pirate ships.

Also, pick coins while you are munching on your opponents and unlock new fish tanks and bowls – Who knows, you might win the deadliest fish in the ocean! If you are too small a fish, you can hide behind stun bombs just like how you do it in agario, osmosis and mitosis to defend yourself and stun the big fishes chasing you.

Join the two-minute aquatic action and eat maximum fishes to top the leaderboard. Unlock Google Play Games achievements by showing off your munching strength in underwater battles and compete with your friends.

So, jump in and start eating whoever you can in this fun-filled online multiplayer game! Download the fantastic fish game for free from Play Store and start playing on the Go!

► Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Graphics

► Multiplayer Games – Up to 20 Players per Game

► Multiple Touch Controls – Tap or use Virtual Joystick

► Poop on your Opponents that are chasing you!

► Score more & Take a Lead on Leaderboard

► Share your Score via Social Sharing

What’s New

► Eat and Get Rich – Collect Coins while you Eat!

► New Fishes – Unlock Fish Bowls & Tanks to Win New Fishes!

► Respawn yourself with 80% Health up to 3 Times

► In-app Purchases for Coins – Why wait when you can Buy them all!

► 20+ Achievements on Facebook and Google Play Games

► Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with Coins


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