We’re checking out some more Deeeep.io gameplay highlights and funny moments on the beta server which has a whole host of updates and new species. There’s a new biome as well as we explore the deep sea (or abyss) and try to survive among the anglerfish. You can apparently start off as a worm or blobfish now, but the real highlight was the Leopard Seal as we ended up massacring several penguins on our way to total killer whale dominance. We also managed #3 on the leaderboard, so yay for that! Sorry to everyone that got eaten during the making of this video!

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DEEEEP.IO (with four e’s!) is a simple free to play io game very similar to Mope. You start as a little fish and eat food and other people in order to move up the food chain. Each creature has a different special ability that makes them unique. It’s a great way to waste an hour!


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  1. dude the shark guy that was following u was called BoB and u took revenge ahhahahah when u are a leopard seal he was the penguin thats hwat he gets haahha

  2. gray you know as an orca you are stronger than sharks and with a pack you can fight whales. No need to run so much. I have been the number 1 player countless times i would know

  3. the beaver is better than fuckin agler fish because i keep dying from fucking jellyfish poison these anoying jellyfishes 🙁

  4. the “albino king crab” isnt a king crab, its a yeti crab, these crabs are found in the deep seas and their arms have hair-like-structures on them


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