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Today I play and dominate the lobby! I become the biggest bear and everyone tries to kill me. It is literally the biggest bear vs all in (including mopeio dragons and krakens) mopeio. I tail bite tons of animals and level up to the bear. I do the new updated challenge. You basically have to go for a highscore or world record, and get the biggest mopeio animal with being in the wrong biome (a land animal in the arctic in this case). I attack yetis and mammoths, and tail bite them a ton. I almost kill a mammoth. I also may have gotten the most tail bites ever in one game on a ton of animals, including around 10 on dragons, krakens, and the yeti. Let me know what high score you get in mope in the comments below. This challenge is very fun, but rather difficult. You want to target the yetis and slow animals to tails bite and kill. I kill tons of high level animals and it is really fun. If you want more leave a comment giving me trolling ideas such as donkey trolling. The dragon, yeti and kraken is the biggest and best known animal in at the moment. There used to be a black (secret) dragon at 100 million. I also go through all of the new animals and give insane tips and tricks for beginners, and how to play through commentary! The ultimate noob to pro guide! This is an awesome and fun new .io game, like an agario 2.0. Go play and try to get the highest score, or even a mopeio world record! By the way, there are no current hacks or bots, so let’s keep it that way. developers are continuing to update the game like in this video showing the new recent updates, so stay tuned!

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1) FyMex – Skyfall
2) Blazars – Northen Lights
3) Rob Gasser – Supersonic
4) Defqwop – Into the Ether
______________________________________________________ is a popular and new (best?) .io game. In, you’re an animal facing other players. The objective is to get to number one and kill all of the other mopeio animals. Your goal is to become the dragon at a one million score and become number one. Here is a list of the every animal that you can get in mouse, pig, fox, deer, lion, zebra, cheetah, mole, bear, crocodile, hippo, rhino, dragon, black (secret) dragon, shrimp, trout, crab, squid, shark, jellyfish, stingray, seahorse, turtle, kraken, killerwhale/orca, swordfish, pufferfish, gorilla, lemming (snow mouse), arctic hare, penguin, seal, arctic fox, reindeer, muskox, snow leopard, walrus, polar bear, wolf, abominable snowman (yeti), wolverine, chipmunk, snow dragon, donkey, mammoth
List of biomes: lakes, oceans, land, arctic (winter)

You can play the game here –

Other YouTubers that play .io games and also inspire me (check them out):
Hero, pureman, godzilla, target engineer, masterov, arcadego (, master gaming, weaselzone, cazum8, godenot, flipssA, jellyfishplays, jumbo, sirius, pumba, kwebbelkop, istealth, corrupt X, justthatgood, just .io

Do you guys think there should be a mopeio private server or sandbox mode (actually, sandbox mode was added in a recent update, thanks to all of you :D)? Share your opinion below.

~Nation (formally AgarNation)


  1. Nation, plz be the donkey and protect a mud puddle it is a challenge that got1k likes you might get that much likes because you are the best youtuber ever


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