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  1. According to VG247, Microsoft is helping the PUBG team with controller support/configurations for both xbox and PC versions, guess the company might actually be good for something!

  2. This is another generic open world shooter PC game. Who is paying you to say these things? I want to know so i can get some of that money.

  3. … sorry but i really dont see the hype. Its like hard8 said going around the map for a whole match and getting six kills isnt satisfying frfr

  4. can’t wait for new maps and character customization.
    you already know I’m gonna look like a navy seal with a boonie hat and everything son

  5. This isn’t the first game of its kind. This mode is in Arma. Player Unknown was part of the King of the Hill team for H1Z1 as well. He didn’t like its direction so he built Battlegrounds. I think this is a lot of why it had a lot of popularity. H1Z1 KOTH was already mad popular on Steam and still is, but PUBG won a lot of h1z1 players and a lot of CSGO players

  6. It’s funny when a game you don’t even want to play at first ends up being one of your all time favorites that was me with rocket league and even Uncharted at first


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