Bad Hacker Snake, an Epic Slither.IO gameplay. The Slither io Snake Game Slitherio is a multiplayer snake Video game.
How to kill it in Slither??? Just watch the video please.

Eat to grow longer, don’t run into other snakes. When longer, hold left mouse for a speed boost! Share on Twitter to unlock new skins and start a snake war today!

For custom skins and additional features, consider the SS mod / hack. Features include static ip and zoom capabilities.

What is Slither Sessions? This channel and a clan . Originally the channel started as a live stream only.

Why only Slither? That was the point of the channel. Occasionally I post about wormate and other snake games.

What Kind of videos do you make? Slither game vids, gameplay and multiplayer live stream sessions… etc etc

The Most Addictive Game of 2016! ! ►

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Music in this video:
As I Figure – Latinesque (It’s in the YouTube Creators Library)

Goblins from Mars – King Taco

Bound To Meet Me (Goblin Mashup)



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