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  1. So now all of us that want to use T5 vehicles without dieing horribly just have to buy our way to HEATFS and we’re golden? Kudos Gajiin you really know how to balance a game /s

  2. Interesting that you can shoot one Tiny Ivan at a time – this should not be the case as this would tilt the plane out of balance

  3. Yo Slick, hot tip about K98, here in Norway we had like 300000 k98s left over from the war and the government rebuilt them into 30.06 and pressed them into the reserves back in the early 50s. Anyway, they are really well built and they are fairly cheap over here since they sold them all to the public for 15 bucks a pop back in the 70s and 80s after they were obsolete even for the youth reserves. Anyway, you get a good solid 30.06 K98 for around 150$ and since they are so old there shouldn’t be a huge deal to import it. And if you want to sell it in the states again you would definitively make all your money back on it and then some.

  4. SLICK PIN THIS COMMENT. HEATFS was buff to 152mm and 105mm to increase weight and other things. Read in the update note on War Thunder. It was released on 29/9/17.

  5. Why does the mbt’s ammo explosion kill the crew when it’s ammo storage was designed to blow outward to save them. That’s why there’s blow out panels in the top of the tank for the ammo. If your ammo gets hit in the MBt you should just lose your ammo and have to go back to a cap to rearm

  6. Slickbee, for your first gun, get something you really want. However if you really like AKs just go with a 7.62×39 AK. I love mine. The ammo is super cheap and it’s a lot more fun imo to blow shit up with 7.62. Magazines are a lot easier to come by for 7.62 also. If you’re going towards a home defense gun, I would suggest you buy a 9mm handgun first though.

  7. some of those rockets were so far off the tanks lol and they still killed them, hvars to the top of t62 turrets and they track… ffs lol


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