War Thunder Realistic Gameplay.
Jabber with Jengar, 1.75 Gameplay, Corsair F Mk II, F-82E.
War Thunder patch 1.75, Jengar channel Update.
War Thunder Corsair F Mk II, F-82E footage.

Squadron name: Unrivaled
Squadron Tag: =NmY=

Looking forwards to fly with you guys (now and then) 🙂

Myself, The Channel, the Game.
Thank you all for the support 🙂

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  1. I like how you do not shot enemy planes set on fire by your team mates, this game needs more players like yourself. Happy new year Jengar and all the best to your Kid.

  2. I’m relatively new to the channel having only gotten into war thunder seriously about four months ago but you are my favorite war thunder YouTuber by leaps and bounds mate. No hyperbole either, you’re able to present high skill gameplay and solid pro tip advice without sounding like an egotistical prick. Here’s a toast to a great year for you and your family 🍻 I hope I have the honor of flying with or against you sometime

  3. Ah, a fellow martial artist! I worked hard during college and for years after, but I slacked off after I met my wife 😀 I’m starting to get back into training as well.

  4. XD, that guy in the chat… sad when the image that people have created of you in their own heads is shattered eh? But really, the f82 requires patience and discipline. For example, if that means avoiding contact until adequate altitude is gained then that is simply the logical and intelligent decision. My code is only do risky and stupid things if you are up against a very, very, tall wall. And It seems not, but if if he was using your pride, ego, and desire to prove yourself (that pretty much every human possesses) as a phycological tactic, then that I can understand. And relate to 😉 Either way, I’m looking forward to the surely fantastic future content, and I’m pleased to hear about your son! excellent news!

  5. Love your content. I was wondering if there is anyway to play with you and your squadron without actually joining it, since I am in one that I enjoy playing in and have no intentions of leaving.

  6. Jengar sorry to hear about your son family is the most important i am 44 and can live with out face book too 😄keep up the good work with the videos hands down you are one of the best youtubers on top with Jingles thanks mate and good luck to your son.

  7. Love the videos. Always have!!!! I’m 57 and been playing over 3 years. In INAP squadron people turn this game into a rant sometime don’t agree with this or that. Hey it’s a game. Which I enjoy I play everyday or night. Play mostly air RB. Still learning on somethings practice, practice jets sometimes. I see your squad all the time. Anyway I appreciate you and your channel keep up the good work. GOD bless.

  8. “How to look at War Thunder.” For me, that’s a good idea for a series where you talk about stuff you mention in that part of the video. There’s not enough of that, at least in my opinion, coming from older players with enough experience.
    And the upgrades to air RB… Yes, this would rejuvenate the game so much. Ground RB recently got some really good improvements. Scouting mechanics, earlier addition of smoke screens. Sadly air RB is neglected, they tweak this and that, small things that matter little, and from a point of view of somebody like me, who takes several month long breaks from WT, I don’t really notice these changes up until the moment I catch up on devblogs.
    And social media… Yuck. I started using Facebook about 2,5 years ago, just to humor my girlfriend. She uses it to send me her cat pictures when I’m away. God I hate that cat…

  9. A new year and I see more success with the channel, I think this is the best war thunder channel and it is growing…so good luck on and off YouTube,the whiff of success is smelling stronger 🙂

  10. Many ideas in common mate, and many interests as well 🙂 Although I am even slightly older I would say… Despite it, I have FB profile for keeping me updated of things happening around with many different points of view.. Anyway, it would be helpfull for your channel too I guess 😉
    Thx for your efforts and enthusiasm – and – my wife gave me a big and polite smile hearing your accent.. She likes it too :)))

  11. Hope 2018 will be good for you and your family 🙂 2018 for me i have hopes i can get my italian and french tech tree also to get the rest some 11 german high tier tanks 🤔

  12. Glad to hear you and the wife have got a good routine for dealing with your little guy’s diabetes. I bet you’re great parents and he’s a great kid. All the best to you all! And, happy new year!


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