War Robots Jesse Aphids Gameplay .
so i won the Jesse from a random bronze chest before update right after i lost all hope in getting something good , it isn’t the bot i needed for my hanger but despite that i always wanted to run an Aphids Jesse because it’s basically an upgraded version of the Patton but with less health.
this bot only works with Aphids because it has very weak for surviving the front line massacre even after the recent buff of 16k extra health , the best thing you can do is to hide behind cover and shoot all your Aphids in a rapid succession while using your speed from time to time in order to capture beacons.
now i want to advise everyone NOT to save for building a setup like this because all the new Robots are basically immune to Aphids , so as time passes this video is going to get outdated more and more every second.
Original content belongs to the original owners.
War Robots is a game created by Pixonic LLC (sadly).



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