In this quick little video, I compare two screenshots to each other. The previous results screen, and the new one. I feel like this was an extremely pointless change and cannot find ANY good reason as to why Gaijin did it. The only thing that is improved, as opposed to everything else that was removed completely, is a new option to instantly load right into the next que from the results screen. That’s literally it.

Yeah, it’s not the end of the game, and it doesn’t effect gameplay, but what was the point in changing something that was perfectly fine, instead of improving upon it?

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  1. i played 1 match today and found that out you proboly wont beleive me but i shut off warthunder im pissed off because they work on shit like that but they dont care about how op the brits are at 6.7 well if they still r i havent played anything 6.7 for a while every sense that and the planes in rb started to fuck things up

  2. The worst part is, when you get back to your hangar it actually starts to load the old one but then this appears. I hope this is changed/fixed soon.

  3. after this patch when i play the panther even when i only carry 20 rounds of ammo ALL THE FUCKING RACKS ARE FULL

  4. They’re probably pushing out content as people get it done, maybe some interns just finished their project and it got put in

  5. i totally agree, whats your thoughts on the changes and direction they are going with maps(for the most part)? the maps that gets smaller and smaller with each update,and new tiny maps like abandoned factory and ardennes?

  6. What.. the .. fuck? I loved the previous thing as it brought nostalgic feelings now its like.. Modern sleek ugly..

  7. I personally enjoy these new changes. It looks generally alright, to be fair. Although it was a pointless change, it was a nice one either way

  8. Right! Right , Right! The camos and decals are on the RIGHT. God… you kept saying left when clearly it’s on the right.

  9. So it pretty much is the old Result Screen but stretched out to the bottom and without sky and the thick borders? with also an ugly ass new RP symbol

  10. Didn’t mention, the back to battle button doesn’t work. If you are in a sim battle, it will put you back into arcade.

    looks weird, don’t like it.

  11. It is better than the previous end-battle screen because it allows you to continue to another battle quicker and easier

  12. I agree with ur argument. I like the old results screen. But maybe they should have a see through below and keep the blue sky top screen. But I still like the old one unmodified


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