” upload_time=”2017-12-28T16:43:03.000Z” description=”War Thunder Realistic Gameplay. SB2U-3 Realistic Battle, America’s Robust Attacker. War Thunder American Realistic Battle (featuring SB2U-3). War Thunder, Patch” duration=”PT10M34S”] War Thunder Realistic Gameplay.
SB2U-3 Realistic Battle, America’s Robust Attacker.
War Thunder American Realistic Battle (featuring SB2U-3).
War Thunder, Patch 1.75, La résistance. SB2U realistic footage.

Today its time to fly out the SB2U-3 in a Realistic Battle. Flew out with the SB2U for the first time since release of 1.75, La Résistance. To check out its current performance, and found out exactly what this plane is about in RB, lets see how it went. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hey guys, got one of the new American divebombers for you today, the SB2U-3. Thats the one with the four 50 cals 😉 Which is quite nice at 1.7 br! Hope you guys enjoy. And dont forget to like, comment and subscribe! Helps me out a lot.

  2. Great review as usual. I was looking at the specs for this plane from various sources – the most authoritative being Jane’s – and all the sources said this plane was equiped with only one forward-firing MG. In the -1 it was a .30 calibre and in the -3 it was a .50 caliber. French version had only one 7.5mm MG forward. The British took over the French orders for the plane and modified it to mount 4x 7.7mm Brownings. So, at least the British version is correct. So then, sadly it appears that the 4x 12.7mm version is another Gaijin fantasy or “what-if” version that never existed. Anyone have a source that confirms or denies?

  3. this plane is a joke with 1,7 and bomber start and 4x 50 cals i have need 2 matches for spade it completly. The
    superiority feels how the p 47 on 3,7.

  4. I found it very fun to take out these variants in multiple country even if they are not all the same. But I found that once you Dive down to release bombs your going to stay down as you are easy pickens for the enemy.

  5. That plane is utterly useless like SBD SB2c and other similar planes that dont have their purpose in WT. Another spit in the face of WT community. It is not even fun to fly, PBY is more fun that that. That plane like many others just slowing down players in research tree, should never be in the game or at least until they made a proper gameplay for it.

  6. I have all of the new variants of this plane. Fun little guys. I’m glad they are in the game. Painfully slow. Haha. I’d like to see the 1.3 moved to 1.0 though. In a 2.3 match there is nothing for you to do with 2 7.7mm. Almost feels like a kingfisher that is slightly better in every way.

  7. This plane is like a cancer in combined battles where low tiered French get pretty much kicked in but… I was killed by this in AA twice by skilled guy, however he paid hard for this this twice as well 😀
    Nice bomber hunting Jengar!
    Btw… as you mentioned the hair in mouse, I have some strange issue with short switching the game to my desktop… And guess what? All the time exactly when facing some enemy 😀

  8. Jengar!
    I declare your channel as “Entertainement Of the Year 2017”!
    You lag the competition, which was Disney’s Last Jedi and national football championship. You just shered them both, as you were using a Fw-190 A5! Or a Twin Mustang with gunpod, as you wish 😉
    Jengar rules!


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