” upload_time=”2017-12-25T12:26:42.000Z” description=”War Thunder Realistic Jet Gameplay. Yak-23 Realistic Jet Battle, Soviet Roadster Jet. War Thunder Soviet Realistic Battle (featuring Yak-23). War Thunder, Patch” duration=”PT10M44S”] War Thunder Realistic Jet Gameplay.
Yak-23 Realistic Jet Battle, Soviet Roadster Jet.
War Thunder Soviet Realistic Battle (featuring Yak-23).
War Thunder, Patch 1.75, La Résistance. Yak-23 realistic footage.

Today its time to fly out the Soviet Yak-23 in a Realistic Battle. Flew out with the Yak-23 yesterday for the first time since release of 1.75, La Résistance. And found out exactly what this plane is about, lets see how it went. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hey what do you think about the stealth buff and airspawn that Narval got? That plane is now a real sweetheart, if you haven’t taken it out since the buff give it a whirl, its actually competitive now!

  2. This plane is pretty OP for 7.3, it definitely needs to be 7.7, maybe even 8.0!

    Great Video and I hope the one for the Whirlwind is in the works! 😉

  3. Happy holidays to you too! In my opinion, this plane is the most beautiful plane ingame at the moment.

  4. Merry Christmas Jengar, it’s been the hardest one for me and my family . I lost my mom Oct 22nd then my 15 year old son Nov 28th, his name is Wesley or Wesman or gamer Why321. He liked to play planetside. Holld those you love tight this Christmas, you just never know. God Bless you and your family and all your viewers.

  5. Heppy holidays to all.
    Thanks for video of this super soviet miracle, now you can play Mig-9/L and not get club by F-84, Metetors, Me-163, Me 262, etc…..
    They sey it is OP i sey it is just right dem only games i lose with him are ones in whom my team play like headless flys split all over the map or when you get game with USA teams vs germans dem do I love to see F-84 turn fight 262.
    This bucket show how team play is important. So far games vs Mig-9 was easy time for enemy but that is over now you play as a team or you die. The team play is 80% reason why Yak-23 is so strong now, not his speed, clime rate or turn time.

  6. Hi Jengar! Merry Christmas! 🙂 My family is having ham and potato salad as our traditional Christmas dinner. What did you have? Any presents?

  7. Merry Christmas Jengar!
    I hope your family is well and happy. I’m sorry 2017 has been not the best year for your son. Things will be better 🙂

  8. 7.3 is wayyyy too low for this plane. I face alot of these in my spit mk24 and I’m only able to catch if I have an energy advantage on it. It should be at LEAST 7.7….maybe even 8.0 with that 45m/s climb rate. Great video as always sir! 👌

  9. Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you can give me any tips on how to fly FW 190 D9 model. I am most interested in the following scenario, you boom on your target then he evades and starts following you. When is the smartest time to turn and face the enemy, which flying speed and turn to use? Immelman, or turn combined with ruder? Or what to do in that situation in general… I am talking about arcade mode. Any help will be much appreciated

  10. I just started playing jets by my G91 Pre Series and my Team mates in the chat like: ”brilliant! They have that cancer 23 again” LOL THis plane is yeah good enough but G91 nail this anyway hahaha! Have a blessed Christmas Mate!

  11. Didnt try that plane yet, but seems to me 7.3 is bit low. I noticed it gets constantly downtiered with prop planes, so 7.7 might be better BR


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