BLUE MACAW 1 is a entertainment channel this channel is a official Rio AMV … I’m also planning to sell products too… I’m wanting to give out tickets to 6 flags…. but it does not look like I’m going to be doing that right now….im also a blogger and gamer … I make custom songs too…. they are copyright .. soo I try my best to make is sound official ….. note I do not take clame of the original make of the songs… I only take clame of the edit and sound effects on the songs… that I have added in… its the owners choice if he/she wants to share YouTube Cash … my song studio owner of Macaw Studios™ macaw studios is a custom name that I have came up with to make edits to copyright songs ….. remember its the owners choice for cash splitting ….. other then that I take clame of the effort effects on my rio videos ….. not the movie.. as rio rightfully belongs to Blu-Sky™ FOX….. AMV VIDEOS IS FOR PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY.


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