Today War Thunder develops in a variety of directions – from a completely new gameplay of the fleet to the tanks of the sixth era. But all these vehicles of war are created for battles, among which there are especially important battles of the World War!

Even now, World War mode is being tested by separate active squadrons, but time flies quickly and soon all War Thunder squadrons will be able to enter the global battlefield!

Commanders and squadron members! Are you ready to start participating in these operations? To help you along the way, the War Thunder Wiki team has prepared comprehensive advice which they will share with you in order to help you achieve success!

Stay tuned this sunday for the second part: army management! We hope you will appreciate it.


  1. General ranked people in WT should be the commanders and Majors and Captains in some situtations should be able to command the battle in that one place , like where the planes and tanks go !

  2. This is will gona be like H&G.Same maps?I want self bulding map,open fields,forests,mountains,villages,small towns,A large maps 50vs50 or more.I want to hear,i want to feel War thunde.Dont sell us fog

  3. Gaijin disabled comments in the news section… 🙂
    For me this whole “World War mode” is a big letdown. It’s like an April Fools’ but having it for the whole year.

  4. im the only one that was expecting this mode to be like enduring confrontation but with tanks?i mean big maps,with operations starting as u advance the front line,for example(bombers destroy bases in h1,h6 and h7,tanks can spawn on those bases,fighters need to defend them)this kind of mission i was expecting,this mode feels so much like random battles


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