” upload_time=”2017-10-17T17:30:33.000Z” description=”War Thunder Arcade/Realistic Gameplay. War Thunder Premium Review: Soviet Dolgushin’s La 7. War Thunder patch 1.71, featuring Dolgushin’s La 7. Dolgushin’s” duration=”PT17M10S”] War Thunder Arcade/Realistic Gameplay.
War Thunder Premium Review: Soviet Dolgushin’s La 7.
War Thunder patch 1.71, featuring Dolgushin’s La 7.
Dolgushin’s La 7, patch 1.71, New Era.

Today we take a look at Dolgushin’s La 7, and we’ll try to find out wether this plane is worth your money. We’ll fly it out and see if it can perform in RB and AB, and after that i’ll give you my opinion on the La-7.

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  1. Hey guys, while unlocking the new Su-6, i was flying out Dolgushin’s La-7, and i decided it was time to renew my review on it 🙂 Hope you enjoy! 🙂 And dont forget to like, comment and subscribe. It helps 😉

  2. Stronk indeed my friend. There also were La-7 versions with the 2000+ horse power engines that were used in the I-185 too iirc. I would love those ingame.

  3. Yeah I have not had much luck with this and other russian acft due to my very bad trigger control to put at the top of my bad play list. I am getting better, but I find that when I play an acft with multiple types of caliber guns with many more rounds I do not maintain trigger control when I switch to russian tier acft. Something I need to work on for sure.

  4. Its not as good as the yak 3p. The yak 3p still has better climb rate, energy retention’s better high performance, with better BS cannons. Better turn time and pure maneuverability. The yak 3p and I 185(71) are better planes than the la7s. 😀 Jengar you got 15 kills in that arcade match. You went really insane mate 😀

  5. Hey Jengar, love that plane in AB. That dogfight with the MkXVI was terrific. I found it took a bit to get used to, the Yaks are easier to transition to from other plane styles. Once dialled in, that is a good performer under 5K Alt.

    Love these premium reviews and seeing you fly AB (like your RB content too :-).

  6. Great plane. One that slipped through Rap’s fingers coz I love the La7, always have. Great plane, great gunsounds as well. They really make it sound like you’re gonna do some damage with em!!

  7. Russians
    Real life : flying bricks they were wining only beacause there was a thousands of them
    War thunder : deadly, fast , can take a lot of damage (they’re made of wood but still can take more damage than P47, Typhons ,Fw 190 , 109 and other fighters made of metal)
    Good job Gayjin 100% realistic and legit historical game

  8. You are able to spawnkill in arcade just like I’m able to jump in a biplane and farm new players for points, but both are dishonorable and unbecoming of a skilled pilot. You clearly know how to dogfight, so why not back up and let the other team get into the game before you engage? That way you’d have more dogfights and fewer uncontested kills. If you want to shoot players who can’t fight back, go in single missions and shoot bots.

  9. “It’s not the fastest plane in the world” I feel like it’s important to distinguish between top speed and max speed. It’s top speed in level flight at sea level is actually incredibly fast, one of the best in the game. The P-51D-5 beats it but not by much. However, it’s airframe is pretty weak and it had a very low max speed in a dive. Also, because it’s a pretty light aircraft, it won’t hold its speed above its top speed very well, thus, like Jengar said, it doesn’t have the best energy retention.

  10. I used to be down on La-7 because I never did well with it in Air RB.

    But I tried it as air in Ground RB and it really shines there imo, since alot of engagements happen at low alt, and practicing with MiG-9/L 37mm has made me better at ShVAK.

    Thanks for inspiring me to give this plane another chance, had an air ace game today XD

    my game score https://imgur.com/5wfrhv4

  11. I enjoy watching your reviews but there is one big problem. Every time I watch you fly, it reminds me how bad I am! Great review as always, keep up the good work.

  12. Great matches and great review. “It transitions seemlessly” is the best description I’ve heard to describe this plane. Its good at everything below 5000m, and since 5000m is rarely exceeded in AB where I dwell, that pretty much means the entire battle space. The dogfights you had in the AB match reflect just how versatile this plane can be.

    I know I have commented on this before, but I also appreciate how gracious you are in commenting to other players. For those outside the NmY squadron, Jengar sets an emphasis on gentlemanly gamesmanship. We cannot be nasty to other players. Shooting obnoxious players to pieces, however, is highly encouraged.

    The La-7 is probably my favorite plane in game. I think my KDR is 62-1 in the non-premium. Its just outstanding. The weakness is the laser-like cannon fire and the light cannon shells. In reality the ShVaks had great internal & external ballistics (high velocity, high rate of fire, and accurate), but poor terminal ballistics due to the shells being very light compared to American and British shells for the M-1/Hispano cannons. I see that in game. You sometimes have to get a long burst in to get a kill or you get a hit where a Hispano would have gotten you a kill.

  13. The only thing I hate about La and Rus team overall is when the enemy decides to go to space, especially bombers, B-17 just laughs at your pathetic peashooters.

  14. I remember buying this in the Xmas sale and regretting it. Went back to it and gave it a chance. Glad I did as it’s awesome once you get used to it. Good at everything. Hard to shoot down with an experienced player in the cockpit.

  15. Very good video Jengar if you could make more of those ab informative videos i would appreciate it . Thanks for awesome video like always mate 👌

  16. I see you are still WEPing like a maniac :D.

    Very nice AB dight. I could hear the Spitfore pilot swearing: “Bloody hell,soviet UFOs outturning a Spitfire!?” :).

  17. I have no experience with the LA series, but the way you describe it, it sounds a bit similar to spits. Is that fair to say? Not the classical fast energy fighter but more manouverable than most of the opposition.


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